The AZ Black Women's Expo is an professional event which is due to be held in the summer on August 24th, 2019 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Arizona. The event will provide women of color the perfect opportunity to shine and get their services and products out there in the market.

This year we will be hosting the 1st Annual Las Vegas Black Women's Expo scheduled for August 17th, 2019. The Expo is open for a wide variety of businesswomen, including those with beauty, health and wellness, as well as retail businesses. In essence, it is an exciting prospect for those looking to showcase their professional expertise and skills to the perfect audience.

In turn, the event is expected to deliver a fun community event where consumers have access to new products and initiatives, educational seminars & workshops, demonstrations and displays. The Expo aims to provide a one of a kind event for women of color that can act as a one stop shop for all things related to health, wellness, fitness and beauty, allowing other women to make informed choices.

SOUTHWEST Black Women's Expo